Sabyasachi’s Udaipur Collection 2017- Check All The Pictures NOW

Only a Sabyasachi creation can make a to-be bride happier than her to-be spouse! And as always, Sabyasachi’s Udaipur Collection 2017 has us stunned. Seriously, we still haven’t recovered from that dazed experience.

Remember that gorgeous pastel outfit you are swooning for? Well, now might be a good time to grab it. Sabyasachi’s Udaipur collection assures us that pastels are here to stay, through thick and thin, those dreamlike colours that can make one look ethereal are not going anywhere! Other dominating elements of the collection are bold prints, including florals, patterned mosaics, heavily sequinned dupattas and uber sexy blouses.

While he retains some of his iconic components like the heavy net dupattas draped over a raw silk blouse, the collection nevertheless give us much to drool over.

In case you’re one of those brides who missed the collection, thanks to boring decor shopping or card shopping trips, allow us to present to you our take on the Sabyasachi Udaipur 2017 collection- grab a pen, ‘cause this one’s going to want to make you take notes!

1.The Udaipur Lehenga

Sabyasachi’s showstopping lehengas seems like the perfect start to his collection. Why? Look at them!

The lehengas brings home everything he probably meant to incorporate into the regal inspired collection. First off, that colour is a wonder to work with. We’re guessing it’s the holy grail of all colours and can make every skin tone shine! Secondly, the stunning details on the embroidery are only something Sabyasachi could attain. The dupattas, too, are characteristic of the zardozi favourites he loves (and we can’t lie- so do we!)


2. Panelled Hues

Another recurrent- lehenga skirts with panels of different patterns. We hope you’re taking notes!


3. English Roses

An entire bunch is called “Rani Sahiba ke Pardesi Gulab”. Any guesses? Yep, the sarees stick to the floral theme, this time with English roses printed all over. The delicate colours and the compact borders are strangely reassuring- but then, isn’t every Sabyasachi pieces?


4. Saree Cape

We aren’t going to say much. This gorgeous saree with a sequinned cape speaks for itself (and its creator).

sabyasachi lehenga

5. Mosaic Borders

This one’s definitely a first. We’re guessing the regal architecture of the palaces in Udaipur, with marbles floors and mosaic and glass detailing, inspired the genius of a man to come up with these gorgeous borders. Paired with bold and not-so-bold floral prints, the mosaic breaks the monotony of floral printed blouses and skirts. Love it!

sabya 2


6. Banarasi Safas and Bright Blues!

It seems he’s trying to break the monotony here with rich jades and indigos. Move over those, though, we’re drooling over the gorgeous banarasi saffas donned by the men in pink!


16789461_178214479343052_8410783392890617856_n (1)

indigo lehenga

7. Plunging Necklines

These blouses with deep cuts are here to stay. Period. 


All the reasons why you need to check Sabyasachi’s Udaipur Collection 2017 now!


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