Amazing Groom Entry Ideas for 2017

If there’s one thing that’s changed in the last five years with regard to Indian weddings, it's the entries! Whether it's the bride or groom, or even their siblings, these days, everyone’s got a fascinating entry idea on their mind. And why shouldn’t they? The grand entry is the moment the bride or groom owns their look- and their wedding.

Which is why, when it comes to groom entries, we LOVE all the jazz. I mean, who doesn’t love a Bollywood inspired hunk who isn’t afraid to groove to a latest hit while making his way into his wedding. Another plus? Once the groom gets grooving, everyone does! Yep, it's the simplest way to break the ice at a wedding and get everyone to enjoy themselves to the fullest.

From witty vows to desi beats, when it comes to D-day, we bet your man can rock it all!

So when it comes to groom’s entries, we’re all for a grand entrance that has all eyes on the man himself. Check out these latest trends for the groom’s big fat entrance at his wedding!

1. Cycle

1plus1studio - cycle


2. Harley Davidson

 Going Bananas Photography - Harley Davidson_files

Going Bananas Photography

3. Helicopterhelicopter - cosmin danila photography

Cosmin Danila Photography

4. RTV

Knotting Bells- ATV

5. Elephant

momenteweddings - ELEPHANT

Momente Weddings

6. Carriage

shades - carriage


7. Vintage Car

shades photography

8. Segway

the wedding story - segway

The Wedding Story 

9. Rickshaw

Tinselfete - rickshaw


Here are the most rocking grooms entry ideas for 2017!

shades - carriage

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