Sister Of The Bride Shots You Need In Your Wedding Album

It is absolutely official. There is no bigger, no better job than that of the sister of the bride!

The sister of the bride deserves a special mention and a huge shout out for keeping the bride sane enough to actually get married!

And when it comes to the wedding album, there are a few click that a bride NEEDS to have with her sister. Here’s a list of our favourite poses for the sister and her bride!

1. Merry Go Rounds!

There’s something about twirling in your lehengas that can make you feel like you’re on top of the world. Show off your lehengas as the two of you twirl for the perfect shot!

avirajsaluja - twirl

Aviraj Saluja

2. Candid and Sweet

These moment might be rare otherwise, but on your wedding, your sister will be teary eyed on more than one occasion. Get your photographer to capture these rare and intense moments- they don’t happen too often!





3. Candid and Fun!

We love when the bride’s sisters and friends take the haldi ceremony as an official opportunity to mess with their best friend’s face! A little laughter and some messy haldi, and you’ve got a social media winner!

mahima bhatia

Mahima Bhatia Photography

4. Official Portrait Shot

Yep, do this! Include your sister in an official portrait photo with your husband. She’s been through this as much as you have, and she deserves to be seen!

coolbluez- portrait

Coolbluez Photography

5. Sister Loving

Make sure you get a shot of her looking at you in all your glowing, glamourous beauty. Preferably her first reaction, though we’re sure she’s been helping you get ready throughout!

stories by joseph radik

Stories By Joseph Radik

6. Getting Ready

Another cute snap comes when she’s helping you don the monstrous lehenga! A good idea would be to capture a moment’s laughter caught in the moment. 

riddhi mehra

Gautam Khullar Photography

Here’s a list of our favourite poses for the sister and her bride!

stories by joseph radik

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