Tips on Dealing with Heavy Earrings

We know you love those monstrous jhumkas and chandelier earrings and what better occasion to flaunt your best if not your wedding?! From rustic silver earrings with filigree work to your grandmother’s precious polki ones, earrings can be quite the pain! Yes, we mean literally. Especially if you have to be donning them throughout the evening while dancing, moving around, shuffling and eating, you better have a pocket full of hacks to save you the pain of sore ears after a gruesome night of wearing huge earrings.

Check out these tips and tricks that can make your heavy-earring-wearing less of a pain!

bridal earrings

1. Use a numbing cream

This one usually becomes a must have after all those days leading up to the wedding. Using a numbing cream can reaaally help with the pain, in that it won’t let you feel any! Ask your local chemist for an over the counter numbing cream and don’t forget to pack it!

2. Lobe Patches

Ear lobe patches are specially designed for women who suffer from sagging earlobes. A tiny patch stuck to the back of the earlobe, just where your ear is pierced, will help hold up the earring and minimise pain.

bridal earrings

3. Ser It!

You’ve seen your relatives wear it, and for a good reason! The ser is a long chain that helps keep the earring up. It doesn’t pull down and weigh your ear as it would otherwise.

4. Keep it Real

This is where a lot of brides can go wrong. Wearing artificial jewellery can be detrimental to your ears, as it can cause infections. Wear traditional pieces that are heavy but made out of the real stuff and you’ll see the difference it makes!

Picture Credit: Cupcake Productions

Check out these tips and tricks that can make your heavy-earring-wearing less of a pain!


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