Timeless Makeup Trends for Indian Brides

First off, here’s a huge shout out to all those brides who choose to tread the minimalist path when it comes to their wedding!

While we’re a huge fan of minimalism, there are quite a few trends that we think you could employ to master your makeup, so you don’t look run down, yet look perfect for the big day! These timeless makeup hacks include tried and tested, foolproof trends that have withstood the test to time to find their place here. As the whole point is a clean, chic look, there’s a good chance you can do these yourself, although we suggest you practice your moves a couple of times before the D Day!

1. Bold Eyes

A thick stroke of winged liner and a set of lashes make for a perfect bold eye. What we suggest is you tightline the lower waterline, or leave it bare, while going bold on the upper lid. A neutral eyeshadow should finish the look.

Pro Tip: When it comes to the much-coveted winged liner, there are some pre-made stencils that make it a ton easier to wing it, though we’d still recommend a few practice moves before the big day so that you know where you are headed.

Studio Finesse

Studio Finesse

2. Red Lip

There’s barely anything a good red lip cannot do! Choose the perfect vermillion according to your wedding dress and the time you’ll be wearing it. If you’re getting married during the day, opt for a lighter shade of red, while a richer one would work wonders at night.

Pro Tip: Try this to make your lipstick last way longer! After applying your lipstick, place a tissue on your lips and dab with a translucent powder. The lip stain will stay put throughout your ceremony and will require half the number of touch ups you’d think.


Dipak Studios

Amanat Gill

3. Summer Bronze

While this often turns out to be a cringeworthy factor, seeing as how easy it is to overdo the bronzer and go from sexy and smouldering to over-tanned and yellow, when done right, the bronzer can be the perfection your wedding look begs! We recommend going for a matte bronzer if you suffer from oily pores, and remember to set it with a makeup setting spray!

Pro Tip: Choose the perfect shade for your skin by testing your bronzer in the sunlight. The natural light makes the colours shine true, and a mismatched shade would stand out.


Aanal Savaliya

Take a look at the timeless makeup hacks that brides can employ during and even after the wedding.


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