How To Pull Off That Gujarati Bride Look

Hey would be brides, how are the preparations going for your big day? Surely they are at a full swing but what if we tell you to be a little experimental with your wedding attire? Instead of picking the regular stuff, how about pulling off the Gujarati bride look to look ethereal, classy and traditional on your big-day without making it too much glitzy or shimmery?

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Under the over powering influence of Punjabi, Bengali and Muslim wedding attires, a Gujarati bride remains understated. A traditional Gujarati bride prefers sticking to the basics while looking exceptionally gorgeous for her special day.

Gujarati people are considered to be the die-hard fans of tie and dye, which you can easily spot in their bridal wedding attire too. Although, the traditional wedding dress for a Gujarati bride is tie and die Panetar saree, the modern bride can easily replace a saree with a tie and dye lehenga or a dress of her choice. The panetar saree is a beautiful amalgamation of white, red and green colors with embroidery done using golden threads to make the dress look royal and elegant.

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In addition to these colors, a more experimental bride can try adding colors like orange and saffron for a brighter look.

Gharchola is another important aspect of a Gujarati bridal attire and is said to be a bit complex too. The silk made Gharchola with all over zari work is a masterpiece of design, texture and fabric.

As far as the accessories are concerned, they prefer sticking to the gold and kundan pieces of jewellery, where mang tikka, toe rings, nath, glass bangles, necklace, ear rings and armlets are of prime importance. Experiment with the variety of kundan and stone works to bring out the best in your Gujarati attire.

rahul rana photography

Rahul Rana Photography

How to rightly pull off the Gujarati bride look!

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