Real Indian Brides Setting Serious Jewellery Goals!

Jewellery remains the most significant part of a bridal attire and not to forget the most elaborate too. While brides these days more than often chose all glamorous pieces of jewels, there are some who are not hesitant to experiment with their bridal jewellery.

The drool worthy pieces of multicolored and intricately designed jewels these brides adore leave many of us spell bound with admiration. 

Right from antique pieces to heavy jewellery made from precious stones and stunning color combustion all these trends have been taking a top position in standout brides wish list. 

Here is our compilation of the brides who wore the most exotic pieces of jewels that made them look stunning. Surely, they have managed to set some serious jewellery goals for the would-be brides.

1. We don't just have hots for her satlada but the offbeat yellow color which this Indian bride wore on her D-Day. Very well complemented with the choker. 

satlada- weddings_by_aninditha

Weddings by Aninditha

2. That's how you rock vintage jewellery on your wedding day! Don't miss out that gorgeous nose ring.

vintage emerald - coolbluez

Coolbluez Photography

3. We don't know what we love more about this bride - her jhoomar or those kalires!

deo studios

Deo Studios

4. And that's one magnificent raani haar, perfectly layered over a choker. My eyes!

nimithan wedding photography - raani haar

Nimithan Wedding Photography

5. Haven't seen a prettier pearly set in a long time on an Indian bride!


Cupcake Productions

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6. Learn the art of layering jewellery from these brides!


Deos Studios

7. Who else loves thick mathapatis as much as we do?


Coolbluez Photography

8. Not just diamonds, we think emeralds are also women's best friends!

Morvi Images

Morvi Images

9. Thick mathapatis are hear to stay!

dipak studios

Dipak Studios

10. Jewellery inspiration for brides planning to wear pastel lehenga on their wedding day. 

Studio Kelly

Studio Kelly

11. Who said gold is old? It is evergreen. Don't beleive us? Check this bride!

gold jewellery - artcapture productions

Artcapture Productions

Here is our compilation of Indian brides who wore the most exotic pieces of jewels on their wedding day!


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