Photography Tricks for Perfect Wedding Photos

With your wedding day fast-approaching one of the many tasks you have to deal with is working on your posture. While some brides are born posers for the camera, some are camera-shy, and some just don’t know how to look their best while smiling in front of the lens.

If not for your wedding then how you stand or sit for a picture doesn't make much of a difference, but because it’s your wedding day you must be extra-cautious while getting clicked just for that wedding album that everyone’s going to look when the wedding concludes.


So, to put our brides-to-be at ease, we have put together a list of tips to keep in mind to nail that look for your wedding photographs like a pro: 

Correct Posture 

Start working on your posture at least two weeks before the wedding day. Keep an eye on pictures and videos from red carpet events and see how your favourite celebrities are posing. 


Here Deepika Padukone, Aishwarya Rai, Kim Kardashian and Elizabeth Hurley are some great examples. Try channeling your inner model and keep one foot in the front while posing, with hips slightly on one side instead of being in centre square. Obviously you do not look like a soldier standing in attention position.

Build the habit of standing straight as standing properly looks far better than slouching. A great standing posture also makes you look slimmer. Keep your chin up and avoid gazing at the floor. You have spent a lot of money and time in buying that gorgeous lehenga of yours, so give it all the due importance by standing straight for photographs. 



You have an amazing prop right on your finger, make optimum use of it. Your engagement ring is gorgeous so make sure you get a close up of it, especially when you are sitting. Avoid keeping your hands in front while posing to show ring in sitting posture. Keep hands on your right and avoid hunching. 


Keep that Smile On

Nothing can beat the beauty of a smile reaching your eyes. Come on, it’s your wedding day, you do not have to be artificial. Think about the man standing next to you; how you had been dreaming of this day since forever– a natural smile will automatically make its way to your eyes. 

siddharth sharma

While these tips are sure going to help you with your posing game for wedding, practicing the same way before the d-day will only up your ante. 

Some amazing photography tips and tricks for wedding day


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