How to Rock Bridal Hand Accessories Like a Pro

If you’re getting hitched soon, we know what’s on your mind these days. From running around to the event halls, to food tasting, to coordinating dance moves with your partner, to wine tasting- we get it. You’re swamped for the next couple of months. And we know why- you only get married once, why not make it big? You don’t deserve a single wilting carnation, a single hair out of place, or a single imperfect accessory ruining your well thought out look. Which is why, when we think accessories, we think perfection and detail. From the tiniest of gems to the most horrendously OTT pearl- we’ve seen it all, and we know what works best in what season.

If you are thinking hand accessories, think big! With pro photographers clicking and capturing even the tiniest of details on camera, you deserve to have your nails done to perfection, your svelte manicured hands should look fresh, and of course- you could sport a trendy hand accessory. If this is uncharted territory for you, fret not. We’ve got a bunch of tried and tested ideas for when you want to sport a nice little something on your hand. Read on!

1. Kundan

Kundan is one of the most versatile kinds of jewelry we can imagine and we love it! A gold kundan bracelet or kada looks absolutely stunning when paired with something traditional- our favorite and super safe pick would be a Benarasi saree with a big kada- let the kundan do the talking!


2. Vintage Flowers

Go old school with some nice haath phools- bracelets made with fresh or artificial flowers. A hath phool looks stunning when paired with almost anything- be it a lehenga or a saree. In fact, one of the latest trends would have us sport a hath phool with a cocktail gown! Haath phools are super versatile and if paired with the right gown, can look grand for the occasion.

Gautam khullar photography

Gautam Khullar Photography

3. Gota Patti

A gota patti ring or bracelet is another favourite and you’ll see why. The traditional weave is sharp and catches attention, especially if donned with a minimalist outfit. A gota patti bracelet in gold paired with a lehenga with a gold border can never go wrong!

Mohit Jaura Photography - gota

Mohit Jaura Photography

4. Big Rings!

Cocktail rings have made a comeback and are a force to reckon with! Big rings can be paired with almost anything- be it a gown with a flowing train, or a lehenga or a saree. The best part about these is that they range from traditional (think big polki rings) to the very versatile yet modern (think snake charms in a delicate setting) and can really embolden a look in seconds!

ring- the wedding salad

The Wedding Salad

5. The Old School Bangles

The good old kangans, yep, we mean the big bunches of plastic bangles in red, are an all time favourite. The bangles add a touch of tradition to whatever you wear- be it a saree or a suit. We love that we can get these in almost any colour so you don’t need to go hunting for the big red ones to wear with your pretty pastel lehenga!


6. Watch It!

Watches have always been a favourite accessory. From the delicate thin bracelet ones to the big chunky ones with straps in gold, watches throw in a timeless sheen to whatever you don. We love our watches with a lehenga, saree, gown, or even something that’s halfway there! There’s no dearth of what you can do with a watch- so pick wisely!


7. Kalire

Although more popular in North India, kalire are known to look super pretty with just about any bridal outfit. What’s more, you can get a pair made for your preference of colour and design, so you can show off your creative spark!


Here are some cool hand accessories that Indian brides can flaunt and make a style statement

hand accessories

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