Take these Pictures with your Siblings on Your Wedding Day

Siblings are a 24*7 problem that come into your lives to eat your head and drain you out of your energy. They are the terrorists sheltered in your home and in your room. But we all have two sides “I love my sibling” or “Where is the gun, I’ll kill him/her.” And the saga of siblings continues in all households. But the one moment when our tom and jerry game fails is on the wedding day. All our grudges of stealing the clothes from the wardrobe to finishing our favourite dessert go away when we learn that all this will be gone, when your sister gets married. All the banters turn into tears, leg pulling turns to hugging. Suddenly the thought of not sharing the room with her anymore becomes a haunting thought. It is a strange relationship but also the purest. So here are some of the brides and their siblings photographed. Almost each one of the picture captures the different hues of the relationship with the frenemy.

1. Let's Take a Selfie

the wedding story

The Wedding Story

2. Let's Doll You Up

Movie'ing Moments - Wedding photography & Films

The picture patch

The Picture Patch

3. Being Dramatic 

soni digital studio

Soni Digital Studio

4. The Facebook 'Prop' Stars

Siddharth wedding & event photography

Siddharth wedding & event photography

5. Show Some Puppy Love



6. Twirl Girls

Shiv Sharma Photography

Shiv Sharma Photography

7. Let's Nacho

let's nacho

8. Mutual Admiration

happy flashbacks

Happy Flashbacks

9. Walk Down to the Aisle 

fairytale weddings

Fairytale Weddings

10. Kiss and Tell


Dream Diaries

Divishth Kakkar Photography

Divishth Kakkar Photography

11. You Are Next

Divishth Kakkar

Divishth Kakkar

12. Haldi Fun

 Shades Photography

 Shades Photography

13. The Parting Shot

sibling pictures

 Shades Photography

Bookmark these amazing 13 pictures to take with your siblings on the Indian Wedding Day!

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