MUA Checklist- Things You MUST Know Before Hiring a Makeup Artist

Getting hitched? Whether you are a few weeks away from your big day, or a few months, there are some things that require meticulous planning and some well-rehearsed dos before you finalise on them, and hiring a good makeup artist to do you up on your wedding day is one of those things. Whether you are mindful of it or not, your makeup matters an incredible lot when it comes to your wedding, and doing it all by yourself is probably a long shot unless you’re a makeup artist yourself.

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So unlike a lot of brides who try and go DIY on their wedding makeup, try going through a couple of makeup artists who have been in the industry a while before you makeup your mind. Getting your makeup right on the big day is an unavoidable feat- those pictures will remain with you your whole life! So brace yourself for these trails, and keep in mind these absolute essential must-dos for when you book your makeup artist!

1. Search Search Search!

Like that gorgeous outfit you will don on the day of the wedding, your makeup artist also begs to be found, with a lot of research in mind. Look around for makeup artists who cater to your choice of themed wedding- this could be one who specialises in makeup for pastels if you are dressed to the pastel-nines on your wedding. There could be other ways too, however- ask around and get people to give you recommendations. You could narrow it down based on criteria such as availability, willingness to have a trial, price range, etc. until you have a teeny tiny list to bargain with!


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2. Ask the Right Questions!

Ask your makeup artist the right questions that could help you make the right decision. One important factor could be whether they are catering to other brides on your wedding day or not. This could help you gauge how much time they will be able to spend on you. If you are sure yours will be a day long affair, you might not want to book one that has any other clients for the day!

3. Get Cost Smart

The best way to negotiate with makeup artists is to change the variables that decide the final cost of your booking. For example, ask for a breakdown of the comprehensive costs and see how much an additional person’s makeup will cost. If factors such as the number of people in the artist’s team can be worked around, you will be better off with a much smaller package if you just negotiate the right terms!


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4. Get Your Trial Right

Like most well-wishers, we cannot emphasise this enough- get the damn trial right! Don’t take this lightly, as the outcome will more than likely decide who you hire for the big day. Pay close attention to every detail- especially the brands they use. It might be helpful if you have a list of the brands you use as a part of your regular routine, as it could help your makeup artist determine the type of skin they’re working with, and the products that suit you best.

5. Term it Out!

It is always a good idea to have the terms and conditions of the assignment agreed upon before you dish your your chequebook. Ask for the cancellation policy, how many people they’re bringing, and make sure you communicate well enough what limitations you’re working with, so the artist is not left with uncomfortable surprises on the big day!


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Here's a list of all 5 things you must know when hiring a makeup artist for your bridal look.


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