10 Jaw-Droppingly Gorgeous Bridal Shoes for Indian brides

Whether you acknowledge it or not, one of the best bits about preparing for a wedding involves all those trips to crowded (or not so crowded) markets at the end of which you are so exhausted from the amount of bargaining that you crash and despise the idea of shopping for the next few weeks! Regardless, buying the right outfits and building a trousseau that’s an expression of who you are and what your sartorial tastes are, is quite the task in itself- one that requires time and patience. Lots of patience.

When it comes to buying the right shoe for your wedding, one of the biggest blunders brides are infamous for making, is opting for a show simply based on how stunning it looks with their outfit, and disregarding how it might feel. Sure, you do the catwalk when you’re at the store, but how do you feel after an hour of walking in them? Dodgy to answer that, right? Which is why when it comes to getting your wedding outfit right, we believe that settling for that perfect pair is the hardest part. Since most Indian brides don a lot of lehengas and sarees, wearing the right pair of shoe can significantly affect how you’re feeling on your wedding day- you might look your best, but if your shoe pinches you into an unbearable pain, it’ll show on your face! So gear up for the hunt, because it isn’t an easy one. Look at these lust-worthy shoes curated especially for Indian brides!

1. Brides who love Everything 'BLUSH'

chiffon wedding shoes blush

2. Hand Painted Gem with Applique Lace

hand painted with applique lace

Gemma Kenward Shoes

3. Who can say NO to Red and White!


4. Black Crystals on Ivory Bridal Shoes!

black crystal design on ivory - ellie wren

Ellie Wren Bridal Shoes

5. Did anyone Say Princess Bridal Shoes?

indian bridal shoes

Rene Caovilla 

6. Indian Maharani!



7. Beauty and Comfort can Go Together

house of talent studio

House of Talent Studio

8. And Why Not Sneakers!

israni photography - sneakers

Israni Photography

9. Pretty Pink!

pretty in pink - ellie wren

ellie wren

10. Such Beauty!


10 Indian bridal shoes which real brides wore and we absolutely love. Check them for real wedding inspo.

bridal shoes

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