What to Avoid in The Week of Your Indian Wedding

Weddings are stressful business and it’s best to play it safe rather than funky in the days leading up to D-Day. The week leading to the wedding day is critical, especially for Indian brides, who are at the center of many pre-marital rituals at this time.

While knowing what to do in the wedding week is important, knowing what not to do is equally vital. Here’s a list of things to avoid in the week of your Indian wedding:

Too Much Drinking

It is common for brides to indulge in some last-minute merriment and drinking before the wedding. Cocktail parties and Sangeet functions are infamous for the binge drinking they incite. But keep in mind that sugary cocktails and salty snacks are an unavoidable doorway to bloating. Drinking is best avoided in the wedding week.

destination photographers

Destination Photographers

New Skin Treatments

When it comes to skincare, be assured that one week of product usage will not have you glowing with divine dewiness. Do not begin using new facial or skin products in the hope of flawless complexion on your wedding day. If you’re concerned about your skin, make sure you consult a dermatologist, months in advance.


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Chemical Peels

Chemical peels do remove dead skin and have your skin looking fresh and radiant. However, they may also cause redness and dry skin in some cases. It is best that you get a chemical peel at least two weeks before your wedding so that any side effects may be dealt with timely.


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Fake Tan

A fake tan may seem appealing for that warm, dusky bridal look. However, it is best not to go in for one right before the wedding. It may not gel with your selected attire and makeup. If you are determined to got one though, make sure to compare it with your outfit beforehand. Also, approach the best professionals for spray tanning you.

dotdusk photography

Dotdusk Photography

Lip Fillers

If you want to have a full-lips and a sultry pout on your wedding day, go in for lip pluming makeup instead of lip-fillers. The latter can cause bruising and soreness which is a bad state to be in when you’re walking up the altar. If at all you do, schedule your lip-filling session way before your wedding day.

Quick Weight-loss Diets

Brides tend to obsess over their weight in the days leading up to their wedding. They go on crash diets such as low-carb meals and ketogenic diets in the hope of shedding a few kilos in the short time before their wedding. Avoid such sudden dietary changes for they may render you weak and dull on the day of your wedding. 

cosmin danila

Cosmin Danila

These things an Indian bride must avoid a week before the BIG wedding day. No trial of new diet plan, no chemical peels, etc.

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