Indian Groom's Guide Book to Rock the Wedding Day

Holla guys! We acknowledge the pressure that grows with your wedding day approaching. To be able to look your best in front of the expecting innumerable people who will also hold your image as a first impression seems really herculean. Seeing your other half prepare a lot for the big day, you feel the need to match too. So here we bring few tips and tricks that will relieve the tension and let your excitement and thrill be the overpowering forces.

The Power of a Balanced Diet-

Whatever goes inside shows outside. Yeah, we know it is difficult to maintain the balance with such busy schedule. But trust us, once you do so, you will get the result also. Remember, good and worthy things never come easy. In order to have that natural glow and perfect body to show, show some love to seemingly unattractive greens and a lots of water.

pooja studio dubai

Pooja Studio Dubai

Big Experiments are a Big No-

Amidst the exhilaration, you may feel the desire to change your look as the excitement to enter the new phase of life takes a toll many a times. It has been seen in many cases the grooms change their look drastically only to regret it later. Don’t experiment with an extreme new haircut or colour or go clean shave. This can really have devastating effect. Remember, whatever is done cannot be undone.

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Neha Brackstone Photography

The Crucial Healthy Skin-

Healthy radiating skin is crucial in order to have that shine on your big day. It is irreplaceable. Book your appointment with those professionals. There are plenty of options available in the market, go for exfoliations and radiating masks that bring out the best in you. Save yourself from the direct heat of scorching sun and you are good to rock the show.


 Braja Mandala

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Physical Training-

If that little bulge in your tummy says hello to the world, it’s time to shake that off. You may think it to be ignorable but to the world it is not. A good body always compliments your personality. You don’t have to become a John Abraham or Hritik Roshan for the big day, but a good, sound, healthy body is always a cherry on the cake.

olive sherwanis

Olive Sherwanis

Confidence is the Key-

Remember you are the knight with a shining armour who is about to conquer. Nobody is perfect; we have certain beautiful differences that make us distinct from one another. Don’t let any insecurity come your way because when it comes, it reflects. Nothing is as disappointing as an under confident person.


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Take a deep breath and smile, you are good to go. ALL THE BEST!

This is how in 5 steps Indian grooms can be good to go for their Indian wedding. All the information Indian grooms need to step up their game.

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