Indian Destination Weddings In Cancun: Palace Resorts Vs Hard Rock (Part 3)

Planning your Indian destination wedding can be tough. You need to scavenge through seemingly endless streams of review pages and forums to get your required information and more often than not, these sources tend to be unreliable. In our series of blogs, we aim to enable you with the information you need to make this process easy and fast.If you are worried aborate of $119ut the exorbitant cost of your dream destination wedding, we are here to put you at ease.


Destination weddings in Cancun are extremely cost effective and there are multiple ways in which you can save money.Destinations weddings quite simply have smaller guest lists, which automatically translates to lower reception costs. You also get the luxury of combining your wedding ceremony and your honeymoon into a single trip. Read our related article to know more about the cost of an Indian destination wedding.In Cancun, the two resorts most experienced with Indian destination weddings are the Moon Palace and the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun. Both resorts have attractive all-inclusive packages designed to make your Indian destination wedding, a truly enjoyable and magical experience. Part 1 and Part 2 of Palace vs Hard Rock touch on several different aspects of these resorts. By giving you a head to head comparison, we intend to help you choose the best option for yourself.In part 3, we aim to provide even more clarity by including answers to some frequently asked questions:

Which resort offers the best complimentary package deals?


Part 1 of our comparison reveals that both resorts offer complimentary ceremonies based on the number of room nights reserved. These packages are extremely competitive when it comes to the number of hours of ceremony on offer.

The Hard Rock Hotel does however, offer better deals for larger groups starting at 75+ room nights. If you have a large guest list and a number of small ceremonies that you want to accommodate into your itinerary, the Hard Rock Hotel should be your choice. The Palace Resorts however, also provides ample hours of ceremony for small and large groups alike. 

Do these resorts offer personalized services for Indian weddings?



Both resorts are extremely well equipped to handle Indian weddings and even offer specially crafted Indian wedding packages. With trained and experienced Indian wedding planners on call, you can expect everything to be taken care of, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the biggest day of your life.

Indian weddings at the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun are tailored to deliver a truly rock star experience. You are allowed to personalize selections and create a custom wedding collection. Wedding décor, Indian music, live entertainment, and mehndi (henna) are all included in the package. Traditional Indian cuisine is also on offer on bookings of 100+ rooms.


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At the Moon Palace, the Indian wedding package includes the Mandap (wedding stage) décor, traditional Indian food, and on-site DJ with Indian and classical music. The traditional floral and light decorations, fireworks, and mehndi are all-inclusive and add to that authentic Indian flair.

The Moon Palace also arranges for breakfast in bed the morning after the ceremony for the bride and groom. You can also choose to avail one of their complimentary honeymoon packages.

Mehendi on beach

In both cases, wedding photography and videography are included in the packages. Specially trained hair and makeup professionals at either resort will help transform you into the perfect Indian bride on the day of your wedding. You can even request for a horse and carriage for the Baraat.

The Hard Rock Hotel Cancun and the Moon Palace also allow for multiple events to be conducted on the same day.

What if I want to bring my own vendors?

Bridal Makeup

Outside vendor fees are applicable at both the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun and the Moon Palace.

The Hard Rock Hotel levies a $1000 (≈1300 CAD) charge on each third-party vendor or service being offered at the ceremony. This fee covers one person for one day. You will also have to purchase a day pass in case the vendor will eat at the event. 

For services that require the setting up of audio-visual/DJ equipment and installation of heavy-duty materials, a $1500 (≈1950 CAD) vendor supervision fee shall be applicable. You will also need to procure a $500,000 (≈650,000 CAD) insurance policy.

The Moon Palace will charge you an additional $800 (≈1040 CAD) per vendor or service. Photographers and videographers staying at the resort as part of your wedding group will cost you $400 (≈520 CAD). A $250 (≈325 CAD) fee per day is applicable in cases where the vendor has to set up their own audio-visual equipment and other materials.

Do I get a site inspection discount?

Yes, you do! You are eligible for discounted rates and offers in case you are planning to visit the resort of your choice to learn more about their wedding packages and see the location first hand.

2 Hard Rock All Inclusive Collection Punta Cana Caribbean

The Hard Rock Hotel offers a discounted rate of $220 (≈290 CAD) per person for up to 6 nights (one room only). You are also eligible for a refund of your site inspection nights on bookings of 75+ room nights for your wedding. The request for a site inspection needs to be confirmed 60 days prior to the date of travel.

At the Moon Palace, the Preview Paradise program grants a complimentary two-night stay at the resort along with VIP airport transfer. You are also eligible for $500 (≈650 CAD) worth of wedding credit if the wedding is booked within 15 days of attending the event.

As part of the Preview Paradise program, you get to meet your wedding planners and vendors, attend a mini bridal show, attend food and cake tasting sessions, see décor options, and preview the wedding locations. These events only take place once a month and are scheduled well ahead of time. Make sure to book your slots in advance to avoid missing out on the opportunity.


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What about resort credit?

The Hard Rock Hotel and the Moon Palace are both well known to shower their guests with resort credit. Resort credits can be redeemed at the spa, golf course, and other facilities within the resort. The wedding couple as well as their guests are eligible for resort credits based on the number of room nights reserved.


Resort credit at the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun:

- 3 nights - $500 (≈650 CAD)

- 4 nights - $750 (≈975 CAD)

- 5-6 nights - $1500 (≈1950 CAD)

- 7-8 nights - $1800 (≈2339 CAD)

- 9-11 nights - $2000 (≈2599 CAD)

- 12+ nights - $2500 (≈3248 CAD)

The Moon Palace also offers resort credits to all its guests:

- 3 nights - $500 (≈650 CAD)

- 4 nights - $750 (≈975 CAD)

- 5-8 nights - $1500 (≈1950 CAD)

- 9-11 nights - $2000 (≈2599 CAD)

- 12+ nights - $2500 (≈3248 CAD)

Want us to help you plan your wedding?

With so many points to factor in, planning your dream destination wedding can be a tiring and fearsome prospect. Hopefully, the information we have provided will help you decide which resort best suits your needs.

If you need more clarification, however, our Destination Wedding experts are always glad to help. Fill out our contact form and we will help you start planning your dream destination wedding today!


Hard Rock Hotel Cancun vs Moon Palace comparison

- Best complimentary packages

- Personalized Indian wedding packages

- Third-party vendor fee

- Site inspection discount

- Resort Credit



Head to head comparison of two most experienced resorts with Indian Weddings in Cancun


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