Styled Indian Bridal Shoot by Alisha Khan Photography

Today we're showcasing a beautiful styled shoot by Alisha Khan Photography. Styled with a red and gold traditional sari, gold jewelry and eyelashes for days, model Alex looked stunning. Alisha Khan shares her inspiration for the shoot:
"The inspiration behind this shoot was to bring a cultural perspective and showcase various intertwined weddings, a common occurrence currently happening in our decade. This bride is an Asian Canadian, whom we dressed up as traditional Indian bride to visualize a bride can come in all cultures. Alex’s inspiration for hair and makeup was to transform her as true Indian bride, Missy MacKintosh created a full smokey eye with depths for angles to create a contoured look. Bridal wear and jewelry were provided by Pooja Chandil of Kelowna Limo and hair styling and photography by Alisha Khan."

1a Indian Bridal Jewelry 9a Indian Bridal Eyelashes 8a Indian Bridal Makeup and Jewelry 3a Indian Styled Shoot Jewelry 7a Indian red bridal sari 2a Outdoor Indian Bridal Portrait red sari 5a Indian Bridal Sari and Makeup 4a Indian red sari styled shoot 10a Indian Red Bridal Sari outdoor portrait 6a Outdoor Indian Bridal Sari


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