The Ins and Outs of Wedding Mehndi

Mehndi is any South Asian bride's best accessory but it is a true labor of love to apply it. We've garnered some facts and tips to make sure you're well prepared when the time comes so you can get the darkest color possible.

mehndi 1Keep your Henna dry. The longer you can go without getting your henna wet the darker the color will become. Try to go at least 12 hours but if you can do 24 that will be even better!

mehndi 3

Keep warm! Body heat creates darker mehndi so keeping yourself nice and toasty will improve the color of your mehndi. If you want to cheat a little bit wear a loose winter glove only once your mehndi is completely dry to keep that area extra warm or wave your hands carefully by the fire to get them extra toasty.

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Dedicate an official "helper" while your mehdni is drying. You won't be able to grab, hold, button, write, browse Indian Wedding Site or much else that involves using your hands. After about ten minutes or so it will get old really fast so make sure you have a buddy on hand to help entertain you or something good on Netflix to binge watch.

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Use the real stuff. The cones that come pre-packaged at your local beauty salon or indian store often contain other preservatives and chemicals. Try to make your paste from scratch using tutorials like this one to ensure your mehndi not only stays on longer but reduces your risk of having an allergic reaction!

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Don't pick at it! As the henna dries it's very tempting to flake it off to see what's underneath but resist temptation. You may have heard applying lemon juice and sugar on your mehndi is the best thing to do, but do you know why? The lemon juice and sugar work together to create a sticky layer over the mehndi to prevent it from flaking off too soon so be patient and you'll be ecstatic at the results.

mehndi 7

Plan ahead! On average your henna will be darkest 48 hours after application. Keeping that in mind apply your mehndi two days before your actual wedding ceremony to make sure it looks its best!

If you want to see more Mehndi designs head on over to our Pinterest page. We have a whole board dedicated to just Mehndi!

Read our helpful guide to achieving the darkest mehndi stain possible!

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