Sikh Indian Wedding Next Day Edit by Studio 101

Happy CineMonday! We're back today with a Sikh Indian CineMonday next day edit by Studio 101. The bride's eyelashes alone will have you transfixed in a daze as you watch their love story unfold. See all of the classic moments below!

Must See Moments:
The beautiful simple gold draping on the foyer of their homes
DIY rangoli- talk about teamwork!
Talented sangeet entertainment
Priya's leaf printed lengha and super dark mehndi
Priya dripping in gold and her beautiful undo
Love the shots of priya under her chunni and staring into the mirror
The couple's portrait session- it looks like they're in a forest!

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Raman and Priya's Next Day Sikh Indian Wedding Video

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 9.44.06 AM

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