Stealworthy Styles From Pakistani Brides

Let’s admit it. Pakistani women are EXTREMELY gorgeous. With their flawless skins and long, shiny tresses, there isn’t a lot these women can not conquer. And when it comes to Pakistani brides, well, they are no exception. In fact, Pakistani women are known for their gracefully elegant, flowy dresses made out of georgette, crepe and such materials that drape beautifully!

While our cultures might have a lot in common, some minor variation in texture, drape, colours and fabrics can make all the difference to the final outcome- and we’re here to show you how.

1. Bridal Outfits They Wear With Ease! 

From the ankle length kurtas with heavy embellishments paired with cropped trousers to those dazzling, absolutely lust-worthy shararas, Pakistani fashion has given us something to drool over since times immemorial. And haven’t we taken to it exceptionally well? 

The way they carry off champagne, nudes, and whites with panache! Drop dead gorgeous! 

1 - Mir Anwar  and Naureen Bokhari

Photograph by Mir Anwar and Naureen Bokhari

3 - Navin Studio

Photograph by Naveen Studio

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2. Unique Statement Jewellery

Now be it the perfectly layered neckpieces, with radiant pearls crisscrossing diamond chokers or the oversized passas and naths, you just can't get over Pakistani bride's beauty! Their intricate jewellery patterns can leave you speechless! 

statement jewel -  The Wedding Salad

Photograph by The Wedding Salad

shri gurudev photography - statement jewellery

Photograph by Shri Gurudev Photography 

3. Hair Styling

Carry off open hair with a dupatta? Can be done! They don't even have to think twice about that. The way they flaunt their amazing hair with minimal makeup, desi brides can take a cue from the Pakistani brides who do what they do with extraordinary grace.

open hair- Shaista Hussain Photography

Photograph by Shaista Hussain Photography

open hair - Avnish Dhoundiyal Photography

Photograph by Avnish Dhoundiyal Photography

4. Hair Jewellery and Accessories

What sets Pakistani brides apart is the way they wear hair jewels. They love pearls and crystals in their hair which makes them stand apart. You will also notice Pakistani brides flaunting small flowers in their hair! So pretty! 

mahas photography - hair

Photograph by Maha's Photography 

5. Gorgeous Dupatta Draping Styles

Only a Pakistani bride can use her dupatta to the optimum use and make it look like another accessory. From draping them over their shoulders to draping them like scoop around the chest, these brides know how to wear a dupatta. 

Studio Zeppic - dupatta

Photograph by Studio Zeppic

6. Layered Jewellery

Pakistani brides love their jewellery and they wear their jewels in layers. Starting from high necklines (probably a choker), they layer jewels till they usually reach the navels. These sets are also called Satlada. 

layered jewels - dipak studios

Photograph by Dipak Studios

7. Eye Makeup

Big, bold smokey eyes are the trend in Pakistan. And they match their bold eye make-up so well with subdued lips. So desi brides can definitely go for the trend and go an inch over the trend by wearing contact lenses. You'll not regret this particular trend and would be oozing killer looks on your wedding. 

eye - lucky malhotra photography

Photograph by  Lucky Malhotra Photography

Which is why, when it comes to style tips for the bride, there are a few things we think a Pakistani bride can teach us.

7 style ideas to lift from a Pakistani bride!

Studio Zeppic - dupatta

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