10 Dramatic Indian Wedding Entry Ideas for Couples

Honestly, we’re in awe of that moment when the bride and the groom walk in on their wedding day- the grand entrance. It’s the moment they shine, and they can play around with it! And for couples that love the drama, they can really own this moment and make it their own! Here are our fave entry ideas for the modern couple.

1. Ice Ice Baby

This one might require some extra effort, but is totally worth the payoff. The bride or the groom can make their big entry perched on an ice sculpture! Of course, to make sure their clothes stay safe and to work out other logistics, talk to a wedding decorator who can make this happen.

artfoto studios

Artfoto Studios

2. Ride In

Another favourite, we just love it when the groom rides a motorbike into his own wedding. But when the bride does it? Irresistible!

bride on bike - the wedding story

The Wedding Story 


3. Booze It!

This one’s known to be a favourite among the big fat North Indian weddings. Have some of your relatives (our suggestion: friends) line you on either sides as you make your big entry, and hand them bottles of champagne to foam around you as you dance your way in!

booze it -  Going Bananas Photography

 Going Bananas Photography 

4. Dance the Night Away

Dancing in is one of the most cheerful ways for a couple to enter their wedding. It puts everyone at ease and sets the floor for some naach gaana!

 Photozaapki - dancing


5. Cold Pyros Entry

For bollywood fans, we suggest some fireworks to set the ball rolling. Again, plan this out with your wedding decorator for the logistics.

cold pyros - dipak studios

Dipak Studios Photography

6. Act it Out!

For those uber confident dramatic couples, we suggest a little play to get everyone laughing. A little skit peppered with Bollywood dialogues and who wouldn’t love this wedding already?!

Faizan Patel Photography - play

Faizan Patel Photography

7. On Quirky Vehicles

Go grand - if you are having a poolside wedding or reception, make a mark by arriving on a boat. Get your boat decorated with flowers and live it up! Other than that, you can choose a hotel buggy or rickshaw to arrive in style. 

couples arriving on boats -  Editmaster Weddings

Editmaster Weddings

1 - rickshaw - dipak studios

Dipak Studios Photography

hotel buggy - Preach Art

Preach Art

8. On a Carriage

Get a carriage decorated by a flower artist and make an entry in a total vintage style. Feel like a royalty on your big day, and if you like, even go for horses in front of the cart. 

carriage - weddingnama

Wedding Nama

9. With the Dancers

Grand? Lots of drama? Just the perfect entry.



10. Create your own Door

Just talk to your wedding decorator and get this done! You would love it and so will your guests!


Dipak Studios Photography

Do you have any idea that you may like to add? Please tell us in the comments section!


Here are our fave entry ideas for the modern couple.

hotel buggy - Preach Art

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