Unique Gifts You Can Give With A Wedding Invite

Some of the most experienced etiquette coaches cannot stop talking about this faux pas- you simply cannot hand out a wedding card without giving out something with it! While usually the elders insist on handing out sweets, there are a bunch of innovative trinkets that can make your wedding card a lasting memory for your guests!

1. Gota Patti Pouches

These cute little pouches come in super handy and are trendy and versatile! We suggest you throw in some good ol’ chocolate for good measure, and your wedding card is instantly spiked up!


2. Bath Spa Packs

You aren’t the only one who could do with some pampering! A small bath spa gift pack will instantly cheer your guests up and it's something they’ll love using. We suggest you go for pre-made ones, as they are usually lighter on the pocket too!

bath spa - browseandbrushes


3. Coasters

Old or young, who doesn’t need a coaster to cradle their mugs in? Customised coasters are definitely a winner, although we suggest coasters that go with the theme of the wedding!



4. Cakes in Jars

Cake? Check. An adorable jar? Check. A customised note with a coloured ribbon? You’ve won many hearts!

aimeecake_mks - cake in jar


5. Macarons

Another gorgeous innovation we can’t thank the French enough for! This versatile treat has carved itself a niche over boxes of chocolate and we couldn’t be happier!

wakeupeatthis - macarons


6. Customised Bookmarks

Everyone needs a bookmark sometimes! A peppy one with a nice quote or a simple, antique themed one with your guests’ name on it is what we call foolproof!

customized bookmark - itzdletterz


7. Pens and Pen Holders

Again, a common stationary item you can’t go wrong with. Customised pens with holders make us swoon- try and get different ones made for different guests, depending on their taste!



8. Essential Oils and Room Fresheners

Seriously, who doesn’t love mogra scented room sprays? Essential oils are also a great idea to gift, considering how amazingly versatile and multifunctional they are.

The Essential Shop

The Essential Shop 

9. Travel Size Customized Lotions

Travel packs are great, but you know what makes it better? Customised scents that aren’t like anything your guests have used before! Be it lotion, EDT, or a cuticle cream, a travel pack that fits into a handbag is every traveller’s must have!




You simply cannot hand out a wedding card without giving out something with it!

wedding invitation

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