Meeting the In- Laws: A Survival Guide for Brides & Grooms

You know one of the truisms of Indian wedding is a tried and tested one- in India, families marry. So you know the pressure of meeting your in-laws for the first time. Heck, you’re probably feeling it!

Of course, the experience could be smooth as ghee, but it requires a little effort and some practise on your side. And since we know you really would like for them to love you, we’ve come up with some brilliant ideas that can help you shine through that first meeting!

Approval guaranteed!

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1. Be Confident

Read that again. Confidence, not over-confidence. First impressions are important, so make sure you dress in something that makes you look and feel good. Don’t fidget and fret too much, though!

2. Think Like They Would

Remember this- they do want to like you, as much as you want them too! The fact that you’re meeting your future in-laws means you’re in this for the long run, so ensure that their impression is one that relieves them.

Sharik Verma

Sharik Verma

3. Bring Them Something

A well cooked dish always works wonders! But if you aren’t an expert in the kitchen, a bouquet would do.

4. Create Meaningful Conversation

Be genuinely interested in their lives- ask about their health and their jobs and don’t be too preoccupied with yourself!

5. Do Your Homework

This NEEDS to be done. Ask your future spouse about their family and remember what they tell you! Names, relations and occupation are basics!

6. Don’t Be Rude!

When you’re with them, be with them! Don’t check your phone or answer calls- prioritize!


7. Be You!

You need to let them know you love their son or daughter, but don’t try too hard. It would be  great to get to spend a few moments alone with either of them and let them know how much you appreciate everything! It’s also highly suggested that you end on a warm, thankful note.


Here are some brilliant ideas that can help you shine through that first meeting with the in-laws.

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