Pro Tips to Pull Off a Classy Minimalist Indian Wedding

Minimalism has taken the world by storm and how! Everyone from high tech professionals to those on the road, looking to save some money, have embraced the trend with an unmatched gusto.

So when it comes to your wedding ceremony, why not do the same? A minimalist wedding is not only for the frugal- it's for everyone who wants their wedding ceremony to be classy unforgettable!

If you’d like to look into some pro tips for a spectacular minimalist wedding, read on!

1. Stick to the bare minimum when it comes to choosing a colour palate. Light colours work best for daytime- lilac and ivory, grey and turquoise, a toned down fuchsia and ochre. If you want to opt for a slightly louder combination, then add a gold or silver to the palate- remember to balance it out!

simple decor

2. Settle on a menu that’s quality oriented. While high tea works wonders at a minimalist wedding, we know you probably don’t want to send your guests away with just tea. Indulge in a limited menu that features some delectable options, instead of one that variety and compromises on quality!

Abhinav Bhagat

Abhinav Bhagat

what knot photography

What Knot Photography

3. Keep the decor simple and elegant. This is everyone’s favourite bit about a minimalist wedding. For an outdoor ceremony, glass hangings and baubles look timeless, though a simple hack can transform these into perfect decor to ornament the mandap!


4. Opt for a clutter-free seating space. This is where your guests are going to spend most of their time, so make sure it’s neat and clutter free, yet not too plain. Add a little ornament in sync with the theme to light up the place- we suggest a bunch of fresh flowers that also freshen up the place!

The Wedding Salad

The Wedding Salad

The Wedding Salad - seating

The Wedding Salad

5. Opt for plateware that speaks elegance- silver is a great option. Silverware is perfect for it is timeless and versatile. If it doesn't complement your theme, opt for similar toned down plateware in a single colour that goes with the overarching color scheme.

plateware- Shutterdown


Read our pro tips to pull off a classy minimalist Indian wedding

The Wedding Salad

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