Top 10 Resort Activities for Indian Destination Weddings - Part II

Didn’t find any activities that you were interested in, in my last on site activities list? Well never fear! I’m here to bring you more “mauj masti” for your band baaja baarat! Here, we talk specifically about the Now Resorts & Spa, part of the AM Resorts collection. This hotel chain definitely deserves five stars from the South Asian community, because they cater specifically to the needs of South Asian weddings, and even have a special section for them on their website!

6. Temazcal Steam Bath

Temazcal Steam Bath

After all the naach gaana and shor sharaba, you’re probably exhausted and your sirr is probably doing all the dukh-ing.  The Temazcal steam bath is the perfect combination of relaxation and cultural exposure for your destination wedding. In the Mesoamerican language, Temazcal means “temple of warm stones” or “house of heat”, and was used in the ancient Aztec and Mayan cultures as a means of body and soul purification. This activity is an amazing kickback for the dulhas and dulhans after their most likely long week and lack of sleep, as well as all of the family and friends that came to the wedding! The ceremony is led by a “healer”, also known as an Intercessor, and goes on for one hour. The Intercessor blesses the ceremony after the guests have entered the Temazcal. The guests are then led through the ritual, which involves herbal steams, various sounds and sensations, and aromas. After the ceremony is over, they suggest a cold shower to regulate your body’s temperature. I’m more than certain you’ll have the most peaceful sleep of your life afterwards!

7. Baby Turtle Release

Baby Turtle Release Sapphire

Now we all know that kids and even adults get bored pretty easily at weddings, and our main goal isn’t to have everyone sitting in their hotel rooms their entire stay! So what better way experience Cancun than to get your feet in the sand (literally)? The Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun offers a wonderful hands-on experience that also doubles as a lesson for protecting wildlife for the little ones! Female turtles are known to come to land every year to have children and find a safe place for them. Usually turtle mothers, bury their eggs in the sand and then return to the ocean. Baby turtles take two months to develop, and helping them return back to their home after they’re born is something you can do! With thoda pyaar and thoda magic, guests all the way from dadis and dadas to chote bache can help the baby turtles take their first swim back home.

8. Bar Hopping


If you feel like you haven’t had enough of fine drinks and nightlife, choose from any five of Now Jade Riviera Cancun’s bars and have a drink, or five! Whatever suits your fancy, as wine and beer are served without any limits or expected gratuity. There’s even the option to bottoms up poolside at The Reef, or Splash. I’d definitely recommend Splash for my notorious multi taskers, that want their favorite drink to sip on, but still want to lounge in the pool, as it’s a swim up bar! Not feeling a drink? No problem, feel free to show everyone your moves at the Eclipse Night Club, just in case you didn’t get to do so to your heart’s content at the wedding! The options are endless and the night is young, so get out there and enjoy it all!

9. Cultural Shows and Nightly Entertainment


Chances are you watched enough bhangra, garba, and Bollywood performances to last you more the recommended saat janam! Well why not take a break from the South Asian, and “do as the Mexicans do”? Settle in for various types of shows including traditional Mexican dancing to the more exhilarating fire dancers and acrobats! Tap your foot along, or bop your head a little…even shimmy your shoulders a little bit to the beat of Cancun! If you’re looking for something a little more “hatke”, there are even rock shows for your inner rock star which you’ve always tried to channel playing air guitar around your room. There’s something for everyone of all ages, so don’t be afraid to take part in it!

10. Tequila Tasting

Daler Mehndi once said, “jeene ka le le maaza, darne ki kya baat hai?” Now what better way to do so than indulge in the spirit of the Mexicans known as tequila? Tequila isn’t all salt and lime, the Tequila Sunrise, and El Patron. It might surprise you in knowing that tequila is derived from the blue agave plant and was originally named for the city of Tequila located in the state of Jalisco, which is where the blue agave plant is primarily grown. In Mexico, tequila is typically served neat; whereas the rest of the world seems to take it with salt and lime. The Now Jade Riviera Cancun prides itself in having a very traditional and personal tequila tasting experience! You can bring just your significant other or a few friends if you please, and you’ll automatically be whisked away to tequila heaven. You’ll get to try different types of tequila, served by traditional Mexican garbed experts.  So what are you waiting for? Bottoms up, everybody!

Didn’t find any activities that you were interested in, in my last on site activities list? Well never fear! I’m here to bring you more “mauj masti” for your band baaja baarat!


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