6 Evergreen Indian Wedding Car Decoration Ideas

Vidais always melts your heart and makes the environment more of a mixed emotions club. But when one sees his bride in teary eyes, all one wants is to bring a big smile on her face! And nothing better than giving her a ride to her new home in a beautifully decorated car, that instils the aura with positivity and happiness! You can also add quirk to the décor and make it look peculiar one. To help you, here are a list of ways to adorn your car-

1. Floral Arrangements

This is the most conventional and common way of decorating your car. But it still remains to be an ever-green style because flowers symbolise cheerfulness. Also, these days you can go for different flowers instead of the cliched roses and marigolds. You can choose the orange blossoms which depict “purity” or the chrysanthemums which mean “I Love you.”

flowers- SHADEZ

Shadez Photography

2. Old Suitcases

Why not give a vintage look to your car by placing antique empty suitcases at the back? You can tell everyone that my best friend is coming home forever and here is the token that depicts the same! No more temporary sleepovers!

old suitcases 2

3. Posters/Banners

When you are in true love you feel like announcing it to the world! So, you can do that by using a vinyl of “Just Married” or Posters/banners or rustic wood boards with “Happily ever after” quotes and hang them at the back of the car. You can write your wedding hashtag too!


4. Balloons

No, balloons don’t mean kids or their birthday parties! It means that here begins the era of celebrations where we kiss the single life a good bye and are enjoying every bit of the long-life commitment! You can tie up the balloons with a sign board or use your name’s initials as a balloon and hang them with ribbons.

car decor balloons

5. Coordinated with the Wedding Theme

If you are confused which colour to choose for decorating your car then you can go with your wedding theme. If your wedding mandap is embellished with blue orchids and purple satin cloth then you can use décor on the same lines for your car also.


Banga Studios

6. Pompoms

If you want to make it look distinctively noticeable then use big pompom ribbons with smaller ribbon flowers with a ‘Mr. & Mrs.’ on a hard paper and enhance the beauty of the car and have a great time on your journey back home. “Oh! look at that beautiful wedding car” always sounds good!


Polka Dot Bride

Take a look at some of the quirkiest and trendy Indian wedding car decoration ideas.


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