Theme-Based Wedding Photography by Mila Studios

Wedding photography is not just an art, it is an experience. Having your special day photographed is not just about capturing that occasion for posterity. It’s also about celebrating your relationship, portraying it on film and re-creating your romance in pictures.

On many occasions, couples are not sure how to go about their wedding shoot photography. They want something new, something different, but are not sure what will work well. That’s when theme-based photoshoots come to the rescue.

Wedding photography

Why Theme?

Mila Studios firmly believe that a wedding shoot is most successful when it reflects the romance of the married couple. The photos should tell a story; their story. When you choose a theme for a photoshoot, the very choice of theme becomes testament to the personalities of the bride and groom. Moreover, the theme provides a backdrop against which the photoshoot can be planned. 

What Theme? 

This is where many couples struggle. What theme should they pick? To help them, our experts at Mila Studios have some suggestions:

1. It is best to pick something that is special to both the bride and groom. And it doesn’t necessarily need to be something hugely symbolic like a shared hobby or favorite memory. Even if you both like visiting a particular spot frequently or like classic or vintage stylistics, that should be enough.

2. Keeping your wedding shoot simple yet exclusive is of utmost importance. You don’t need props or a fancy locale to create memorable wedding photos. You just need good photographers, a well-considered theme and deep, lovely feelings. So do not overdo the theme. Mila Studios will help you find the right balance.

Trending Themes 

Many a times, we advise couples to choose from some classic themes which we can then help them customize to their context and story. Here are some popular themes for wedding photography which have helped create countless wonderful pictures and memories. 


Let’s admit it. Natural beauty is difficult to surmount. When captured aesthetically and sensitively, nature’s beauty can be a great canvas on which to paint your romance. The fresh wilderness compliments the organic simplicity of human relationships very beautifully indeed.

nature Wedding photography


In absolute contrast to a nature-based theme is the Metropolitan shoot. Most modern romances evolve in tandem with a busy, bustling city lifestyle. Shooting for your wedding against the unacknowledged beauty of the cityscape can also be very romantic. 

metropolitan Wedding photography


Many couples prefer to go with comfortable rusticity in their shoots. They want their pictures to look more candid than posed; the setting to be natural, not pre-arranged; the final outcome to be pleasing without excessive posing. Mila Studios excels as such shoots too – turn the ordinary into extraordinary is one of our fortes. 

rustic Wedding photography


Old fashioned romance is quite a rarity in this day and age. Thus, when the wedding photos have that quality of yesteryear grace and splendor, the effect is quite fantastic. If you want an album that is larger than life and uber-romantic, vintage would be an appropriate theme for you.

vintage Wedding photography

If you are wondering which theme would work best for you, you can always reach out to us. Mila Studio can help you create your dream wedding photoshoot. 

Learn what makes theme-based wedding photoshoot a popular choice amongst couples and which ones you can opt for.

wedding photography

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