How to Dress for Indian Destination Wedding - The ultimate guide for couples & the guests

Have you just received an invitation for a destination wedding? If yes, we are so excited for you! Destination weddings have become the latest fad for all the right reasons. From exotic locations to dream-like ceremonies, destination weddings are a mini vacation in themselves. However, dressing for an Indian destination wedding can get tricky. Bulky lehengas and silk sarees are not only inappropriate for beach weddings, but they are also incredibly heavy to lug around especially when you have a weight limit which you need to adhere to if you’re required to fly to your destination. 

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Here’s a quick guide that will help the wedding couple as well as guests to decode their dresses for a destination wedding that is all set to take place at locations like Mexico or Caribbean! 

What type of a wedding is it going to be?

Your first step should be to figure out what kind of a wedding it’s going to be. Is it going to be a beach side party or a cruise wedding? Depending upon the location and the climate there, you need to shortlist your clothes. For instance, the weather at the beach can get sticky and humid so it’s best to avoid carrying ensembles with heavy embellishments. Opt for fabrics like linen, chiffon and organza as they are light-weight, flowy materials that are easier to carry. Instead of wearing your regular gold and diamond jewellery, throw on a wide-brimmed hat with extra-large shades to add an edge to your overall look. 

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Follow the itinerary

This isn’t going to be your regular wedding where you arrive at the venue, congratulate the couple, eat food and leave. The couple is most likely to host group activities for guests to enjoy. If the wedding is at a ski resort, it goes without saying that one of the activities planned for guests would be skiing. If the wedding is at a luxury resort, games by the poolside might be on the itinerary. Make sure you read the itinerary carefully before you pack or you might not be able to take part in some really fun activities! 

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Pack smart, pack light!

Pack smart, pack light!

Since you’re going for a wedding, you’re bound to carry more makeup than you do otherwise. From curling irons and primers to hairsprays and makeup kits, you will need your beauty essentials for the big day, even if it’s not your big day! Instead of carrying half your household, have a chat with your friends and relatives on the items you can share. Also, pack more of artificial jewellery so you aren’t on the edge all the time about losing something valuable. When it comes to shoes, pack a pair that will easily go with all your outfits. 

Clothes for Indian Destination Wedding

Indian destination weddings are a lot of fun. Don’t let your baggage weigh you down! Planning a destination wedding or help with booking your wedding at great resorts at a great price? Get in touch with us by filling out our contact form and we will help you with it. 

Tips on type of outfits to take for Indian Destination Weddings if you are having or attending an Indian Destination Wedding


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