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They saw that love is not seen, but felt. But anyone who attended Minal and Rishi’s wedding ceremony will admit that their love is palpable; it was easily glimpsed in their soulful gazes, their shared laughter, the soft exchange of words. And that was what made the day a memorable one for all attendees.

Perhaps it is the fairytale quality of their romance that added to the ephemeral beauty of their wedding. Their meet-cute was mediated by Minal’s best friend, who shared her number with Rishi at a wedding years ago. They got in touch and discovered numerous shared interests and traits. A similar taste in music, proclivity for clumsiness, and charming wittiness brought them closer. And the rest, as they say, is a wondrous history of love and happiness.

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Their romance culminated in a beautiful Fall wedding and the ceremony was something out of a couture wedding catalogue. There was glamour; there was class; there was laughter and merriment too. An interesting dichotomy of soft spring hues and chilly fall ambience added to the elegant opulence of the wedding shenanigans. While Minal was looked stunning in an all-red yet not your typical wedding lehenga, Rishi was the dapper groom in white. The happy couple was surrounded by a merry brigade of bridesmaids, groomsmen, friends, and family. And the center of all the hustle-bustle were the ever-smiling bride and groom, ensconced in their own bliss of love and adoration.

Minal and Rishi Wedding by Rose Photo-286 (196)

Minal and Rishi Wedding by Rose Photo-286 (49)

"It began spring of 2014. It all started when I received a text from one of my best friends, who at the time was coordinating Rishi's cousins wedding. She told me she saw an attractive guy and gave him my number. A few days later Rishi messaged me, not even knowing much about him- I oddly had an instant smile on my face. We had the same passion for music and got each other's silly jokes, we also shared love for the Kruncher's Jalapeno chips, minus the milk for me! We would text for hours on end, I wouldn't sleep until one am and for someone whose bedtime is no later than 10pm- this was a big deal! He made my cheeks ache more than ever."

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"In Rishi, I truly have found my soulmate, someone who lifts me up whenever I feel down about myself, someone who always keeps a positive outlook on life and helps me do the same. He never judges and is always encouraging. He brings out abilities and qualities in me that I didn't even know existed. The way he cares for his mom and family has touched my heart so deeply. He really is my rock. I'm so incredibly lucky to have someone as big-hearted and wonderful as Rishi to soon call my husband."


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We are sure that the wedded couple has an equally beautiful journey ahead of them. After all, well begun is half done!



Minal and Rishi's Chicago fall Indian wedding is stuff of dreams. Check for the white mandap, couple's oozing chemistry and the cocktail moments.

Indian fall wedding

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