Do's and Don'ts: Bridal Hacks to Avoid Makeup Trial Blunders

Are you a mascara geek or does the bold red lip make the cut for you? Is a smoky eye your thing or does nude makeup make you kick? Whatever be your jam, it is always a good idea to go in for a bridal makeup trial before the big day. Makeup trials involve not just getting all of your makeup done just as you would like to on the big day, but it also allows you to mix things up and see what works for your occasion and your outfit. Moreover, makeup trials hit just the mark when it comes to avoiding big blunders on the day of the wedding. But what if the bridal makeup trial itself turns out to be a blunder? Here are some things you need to keep mind when you’re getting a makeup trial so you have your look nailed for the big day!



- Discuss your ideas well with your makeup artist. There are a whole range of considerations that you must have cleared out with your artist before you decide to go ahead with a trial. Be clear with your own ideas, regarding the outfits, the occasions, and perhaps most importantly, the time of the day that you’ll be sporting a particular look. If needed, maintain a diary to keep your ideas in one place- throw in those glossy magazine cuttings to make it pop!

- Keep in mind that a good make up artist will charge for a trial. It might be a good idea to set aside a budget for this, although it might not be a hefty amount, it could be a significantly different one depending on the artist you choose to get your trial done from.

- Wear your outfit, along with your jewellery, on the day of the trial. Not only will this help your artist scout for the perfect makeup for you, but it will also help you envision your look on the day of the wedding. Significantly, this will help you make smart tweaks wherever necessary.

- Remember to take lots of photos, get groomed beforehand, and take a trusted friend along for some good advice! Go in with an open mind, but remember to be honest and let your artist know what you don’t like about a look!

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Memento of Shades

Memento of Shades


- Don’t schedule a trial that’s too far away from when your wedding is. You could potentially change your mind if the gap is too long, and with having invested all that money into a good makeup artist, you really don’t want to do that!

coolbluez photography

Coolbluez Photography

- Don’t agree to what your makeup artist says just because you might think she might be an expert in the field. Also, don’t feel pressurised to wear heavy makeup simply because that’s how you’ve always imagined it to be!

- Try and be more experimental with your looks. It might be a really good idea to carry a small entourage with you- your mom, sister, and friends would do just well- to have a balanced opinion on what works and what doesn’t. Make sure you’re open to not just their opinions, but also the stylist’s!

- Don’t fall blindly for the trends. You might be sold a look simply because it is trendy, but be aware that trends are seasonal and they come and go- your look should be classy and eternal! Always remember your trial is something that should reflect your personal style- be it classy or trendy, it should be your pick!

- Don’t be in a hurry to take it off! You’ll be wearing your makeup for at least a couple hours on the big day, so it might be a good idea to get used to the stuff on your face! Most makeup experts would suggest that you let it sit for at least five to eight hours to test waters, because that’s how long you’d be wearing in on the day of the wedding. This should also give you an idea about the sensitivity of your skin, so that you can make adjustments accordingly.

How to avoid makeup trial blunders for the Indian brides.


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