We have solid REASONS why Indian Destination Weddings are the BEST

Destination weddings are a modern take on traditional marital ceremonies, and unsurprisingly, quite popular in contemporary times. However, experts maintain that getting married at a foreign locale is not just another fad. There are several reasons for this wedding modality to be so in vogue, and we have curated a list of solid reasons why destination weddings are the best! Read on and find out:

For the Bride:

No more wedding planning stress!

When you’re planning a wedding ceremony at a local destination, chances are, you’ll be dealing with individual contractors for the foods, decorations, venue, etc. All the planning, decision-making, and coordination takes its toll on brides and they’re unable to focus on themselves. However, destination wedding resorts have their combined packages and all the planning gets outsourced to them!


You can dress as you like.

Technically, there’s no bar against the bride dressing as she pleases on her wedding day. But generally, brides are hesitant to step too far beyond the bounds of traditional wedding attire. At an Indian destination wedding, however, the locale dictates the attire! Say, for instance, if you’re getting married at a beach location, heeled shoes and very heavy traditional-wear get eliminated from your outfit by virtue of their incongruity with a beach ceremony. 

For the Groom:

You can get experimental with the ceremony.

The lengthy marital rituals often frustrate the to-be-wedded couple, especially the groom. However, with a destination wedding, the strict norms of traditional ritualism stand suspended. You can choose to customize the ceremony as desired without inviting the wrath of the more conservative folk. The logistical limitations work to the grooms’ favour and allow for the convenient customization of the wedding rigmarole.

indian wedding groom

Get one more tick off your bucket list.

Men tend to have a lengthy bucket list full of varied adventures they wish to enjoy. A destination wedding allows you a wonderful opportunity to cross one or several of your bucket-listed adventures, and that too with your beloved. You can choose a locale which will allow you the opportunity to explore and experience things other than a wedding ceremony too!

For the Parents:

The budgeting woes are somewhat reduced.

Weddings are expensive business. A ceremony at a local site typically entails larger expenditure on account of endless guests and multiple functions. With destination weddings, the guest list comprises of close family and friends, and the number of functions is restricted by hotel logistics and compunctions. This ensures that the wedding budget is not an every increasing pit of expenditure. When the parents are funding the wedding expenses, this is quite a relief.

indian destination wedding

Significant social exhaustion is eliminated.

Typical local wedding ceremonies have a huge guest list which spans family, friends, acquaintances, and numerous superfluous entities. And the burden of hosting these guests falls upon the parents and close family members of the bride and groom. This prevents them from fully enjoying their own child’s special day. But at a destination wedding, the parent-hosts can relax since the wedding party is relatively small, and the guests are close family/friends, who do not necessarily require attention.

For the Guests:

They get to visit and explore a new destination.

Destination weddings provide your guests with the wonderful opportunity of exploring a new place in a touristic fashion, without bearing brunt of an expensive holiday. Apart from being a part of the marital merriment, they also get to enjoy sightseeing and other specialty recreation that resorts often extend to wedding parties. And when the guests are some of your closest family and friends, you would surely love to afford them such a memorable wedding experience.

destination wedding

Everyone feels like a VIP.

At Indian destination weddings, obligatory invitations are negligible. Those who are invited feel special and loved, thus participating into the wedding functions with enthusiasm and best wishes. Also, with a resort providing service and luxuries, there is lesser opportunity for anyone to feel slighted or go unattended. When every guest is treated like a VIP and adds to your wedding experience positively, you’re sure to take back good memories and loads of blessings!

We can give you some SOLID reasons as why having Indian destination wedding can be the best idea of your life.

indian destination wedding

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