Offbeat Summer Honeymoon Destination Ideas ( Move Over Europe )

While getting hitched is pretty exciting in itself, we simply love the idea of that little no-questions-asked private getaway called the honeymoon! When the bride and the groom are officially a married couple who can let their feet up and sit back, sip on margaritas and munch on hors devours while gazing peacefully at a tranquil sunset. Although Indian weddings have been revamped multiple times over through the years, so have honeymoons! But what we’re waiting for is for popular honeymoon destinations to phase out and give way to some of the more stunning sights out there. Come on, the world is a huge place to explore! Are you still thinking of traveling through Europe?!

If you’re daring enough, check out these less explored destinations for a summer honeymoon!

1. Fiji

From private island getaways to candlelight dinners by the sea, Fiji has become one of the most visited summer destinations thanks to the pleasing weather all year round. The best time to visit, still, would be up until August, when the winds are cool and the sun sets high! The more adventurous can opt for scuba diving lessons!

bula bride - fiji

Bula Bride

2. Canada

Well, the Duke and Duchess headed there, what are you waiting for? Canada, though snowy and unconquerable in winter, is a cosy getaway during summer. The weather is still pleasurable, and if you rent a cabin by the woods you can have all the privacy you need to cuddle next to the fireplace! - canada

3. Mexico

You might think this one out, but Mexico is one of the most fun places to be! You might want to hold onto each other as you navigate through crowded streets to get to the most delicious food in town!

mexico - jonathan cossu

Jonathan Cossu

4. Kenya

Kenyan safaris are among the best known in the world, and if you want a swanky suite, you can have one! This one is for those who love chilling in the wild and don’t mind a slightly taxing excursion if you want to spot a tiger or two!

pinterest - kenya


5. Peru

From the ruins of Machu Picchu to the most splendid paragliding experience in all of South America, Peru offers the best of both worlds to those looking for an adventurous yet luxurious getaway.



6. Hawaii

This archipelago off the American coast offers a lot of peace for those looking for a comfortable honeymoon. You can walk up to the beach every morning, and unwind with a champagne every evening. A number of spas await your presence to spoil you!

video blocks - hawaii

Video Blocks

Here we talk about some offbeat honeymoon destinations beyond Europe and Asian countries - the one's that haven't been done to death.

honeymoon pictures

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