6 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Your Sherwani

It's 2018 already, and grooms all over the globe seem to have renounced boring old suits to don at their wedding and have instead opted for sherwanis and kurtas that are a bit rebellious, yet somehow traditional. From the fanciest sherwanis in burnt-gold to the heavily embellished pastel there’s no dearth of options to choose from. However, for the fear of going OTT, keep these tips in mind when buying your sherwani to keep it classy yet eye-catching!

Keep Your Partner’s Outfit in Mind

Yep, some of the most stunning sherwanis have gone to waste simply because the groom’s partner opted for a lehenga or saree that made them both stick out like a sore thumb- at their own wedding! Avoid the mistake of not looking like a well-matched pair, and consult your partner before you zero in on your nuptial trousseau.

coolbluez - matching with bride

Coolbluez Photography

Opt for a Timeless Piece

We’ve often seen men make this mistake- opting for an uber trendy style only to realise they looked like they’d been plucked out of a circus in wedding albums the year later! Yes, trends are cool to follow, but try limiting them to the pre-wedding occasions to avoid looking misplaced in your wedding album.

rohit bal

Rohit Bal


Keeping it classy and timeless doesn’t mean you wear a boring style in greyscale! Perk up your sherwani with accessories like a turban, a funky pocket square, or even some cool shades to stay safe in the sun.

wedding twinkles

Wedding Twinkles

Be Bold

If you’ve ever been told you can’t don a pastel pink sherwani, son, think again! Let these hunks in sherwanis show you how any colour, size, and embellishment, is a go-to if only you have the confidence to carry it off!

manyavar - pastel


Pay Attention to the Buttons!

Seriously, guys, the buttons make all the difference! Make sure you double-check  your styles for the embellished buttons. You can always have them changed, so don’t ditch a solid sherwani if the buttons are an off-putter.

wedding story

The Wedding Story


If you are opting for a conventional sherwani, but you still want to add your own magical touch, consider personalising the jacket- maybe with a sew-on patch with your and your partner’s initials on it?


Do not make these mistakes while shopping for your wedding sherwani. Read these 6 mistakes so you don't make them.

grooms sherwani

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