10 International Destinations Apt for Your Indian Wedding

Getting married is the most important commitment that you make in life with the promise that you will never break it. You celebrate this special day with your family and friends to seek their blessings and make them a part of your big day. But, what if we tell you to ditch the traditional banquet or reception hall wedding and keep it simple and aloof with only the bridal party, groom and his family, and some close family members?

How enjoyable that intimate moment will be with only your loved ones involved- imagine all the fun and adventure involved at some remote exotic location. If you are even slightly inspired by the idea of having an Indian destination wedding, here are the 10 exotic and breathtakingly beautiful locations around the world that make for the perfect setting to get hitched. 

1. Cancun, Mexico: The turquoise water and sandy beaches of Mexico have attracted a lot of couples to flock here for a budgeted Indian destination wedding. You can opt for a basic to extremely luxury wedding set-up depending on your budget and theme. Lately, we have helped many couples plan a destination wedding of their dreams at Moon Palace Cancun in Mexico. Enquire about the destination wedding cost for planning your wedding here by contacting us, here


2. Thailand: Golden beaches, emerald coves, and majestic rock formations - aren’t these elements sufficient for making Thailand one of the most gorgeous countries for an Indian destination wedding?

thailand 2


3. Maldives: Looking for rather serene beaches to get hitched with your loved one amidst the presence of your loved ones?  Head to Maldives and you will never regret your decision. A wedding at the tropical island will bring down your Indian destination wedding costs as you can trim down your guest list and celebrate the big day with a select few. This can also be followed by your honeymoon in one of the luxury overvillas in Maldives. 



4. Seychelles: What can be a better place than Seychelles Islands to say your vows amidst granite bouldered beaches and hilltops overlooking the tranquil ocean.


5. South Africa: Do you love adventure? Then you will fall in love with the mountain top and game reserve wedding destinations in South Africa.

6. Jamaica: For those who want a no fuss wedding on an island plan a 3 day trip to Jamaica, stay on the island for 24 hours and you become eligible to get married. All you have to do is to show your passport, birth certificate and a $50 marriage license fee.

Sandals Royal Plantation, Jamaica

Sandals Royal Plantation

7. Paris: What can be a better choice than getting married at the most romantic city in the world? Paris city has several remarkable locations to exchange the rings, not to forget it has lovely Eiffel Tower.

Ever Photo Shoot- Paris

Ever Photo Shoot

8. Tuscany: Ride through the exotic vineyards for an unforgettable Indian destination wedding experience. Picture this: You making your bridal entry into the venue surrounded by rolling hills - a magnificent countryside, no words can do it justice. Tempted enough?

Distinctive Italy - Tuscnay

Distinctive Italy

9. Ireland: Ireland is not just a pretty face - it has so much more to it than those pictuesque scenic views and gorgeous landscapes. Your destination wedding at an Irish Castle will be stuff dreams are made of. Cliffside castles can be the perfect choice for exchanging vows.

Foto Collective - Ireland

Foto Collective

10. Amsterdam: The Venice Of The North is indeed quite popular among the northerners for destination weddings. Cobblestone streets, meandering waterways and arched bridges are excellent for wedding filled with romanticism and love. Your Indian destination wedding here will be something you'll remember all your life. 

Amsterdam -Dipal

Dipak Studios

So, which one are you going to pick for your Indian destination wedding?

Top 10 romantic destinations apt for an Indian Wedding.

thailand 2

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