Resort Group Contract Benefits for Destination Indian Weddings

Hosting big fat Indian weddings is hardly an easy job. And it becomes doubly challenging if your guest list is peppered with countless distant relatives and bare acquaintances. Planning such big wedding parties is tedious and more so when you don’t want to spend extravagant sums of money on people you are hardly excited to share your special day with.
So, what do you do?
In recent times, destination weddings have been a great solution to this problem. Now before you dismiss the idea on account of the potential costs, take a minute to understand how Indian destination weddings and group contracts work.

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The Logistics
Let’s imagine a typical Indian wedding scenario. Excited bride-to-be, indulgent better-half, scores of expectant invitees, and endless planning in the offing. But by the time the wedding takes place, the almost-wedded couple is exhausted with all the running around, not to mention entertaining guests they don’t even know that well. Doesn’t sound too great, right?
So what do they do? They float the idea of a destination wedding and suggest that the guests go in for a group contract with a resort. In the first place, this will eliminate all those who have no investment in the couple’s life but full interest in the free food and alcohol.
indian destination wedding packages
Secondly, mass bookings or wedding group contracts entitle the guests to many great deals which everyone can enjoy. If you can convince your wedding party to check into the same resort as a group, they will all benefit from discounted luxury accommodations and a really memorable experience of your union. Most resorts offer a plethora of extras on such group contracts including complimentary nights of stay, credit to avail in-house facilities and all-inclusive packages on food and drinks.
Also, if you host the wedding at the same resort, not only will they be arranging accommodations for all the wedding guests, but will also assign an event coordinator to help you with the preparation of all wedding ceremonies. What you’re now probably wondering is how you would coordinate amongst your guests to ensure that the financial aspect of booking group contracts is in place.
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It’s not that difficult if we’re there to help you. will take up the task of coordinating the collation of money coming from different guests, thus ensuring that the group contract is booked smoothly.
Generally, we collect the to-be-wed couple’s deposit manually, and subsequently use technology to keep track of the other guests’ deposits. We take the guesswork out of the booking process, making planning a destination wedding as seamless as possible.
Rely on IWS’s years of experience and credentials for planning your wedding. Best part is, our service is free; all you have to do is send in your queries via the contact form on the website and we’ll follow up with relevant information.
Celebrate with your friends and family and enjoy these group benefits as amazing as your wedding.
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Destination weddings sound more appealing now, don’t they?
Let us enlighten you on how group contracts add value to the wedding planning exercise:

1.The average cost of an Indian local wedding in North America is far greater than that of Indian destination wedding packages with a group contract. You can expect to save anywhere between 50-80% of cost by going in for a smaller guest list at a smaller, more luxurious locale.

2. All guests receive wonderful, resort-style luxury and treatment at reduced prices.

3. You have several freebies and discounts on account of a mass booking. Most resorts provide you with credit points based on the duration of your stay. The credit can be used to avail services including salon and spa treatments, golfing facilities and other recreation option, city tour packages, and so on.

4. Logistics of Indian wedding planning are outsourced to experts. The hosts are not consumed by the burden of planning/arranging for everything.

5. You can expect quality service with good resorts which eliminates post-wedding arguments with scattered local contractors.

Made up your mind already? Is it going to be a destination Indian wedding then? Say YAY!
And for those who haven’t decided or are still in a dilemma - we understand - it’s not an easy choice. But knowing the multifarious benefits of group contracts allows you to make an informed decision. Or better, talk to us!
To learn about group contracts for hotels and how to make them work for your specific Indian destination wedding, please feel free to drop me a line through any of our online contact forms. Make sure to include your name, number and email address so I can respond appropriately.
No stress destination wedding planning begins here!

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Let's talk about wedding group contracts benefits for those interested in having destination Indian wedding.

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