Step by Step Planning for a Budget Indian Destination Wedding

Indian destination weddings personify the concept of the big fat celebrations. But what is often ignored in the merriment is the monumental expenditure that belies such extravagant ceremonies. Often, in the aftermath of the wedding frenzy, the couple and their respective families realize that the money spent could have been put to better use. If you’re planning a destination wedding too, say a Hindu destination wedding or a Sikh destination wedding, take a moment to do it in a more economical, budgeted fashion. Let’s explore some ways in which to do this:

1. Predetermine Your Spending Capacity

Before you take on the Indian destination wedding planning challenge, determine your budget with keen specificity. Keep an eye on this figure when making any and all arrangements. Consider extending beyond it if more than three people with sizeable investment in your life and wedding agree that the extra expenditure is reasonable.

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2. Follow a Priority List

Plan your priorities preemptively and stick to them. Decide what’s most important to you – your outfit, the food, the decorations, and so on. This will give you clarity whenever you’re inclined to overspending. Refer to your priority list and make critical decisions accordingly.

3. Keep an Open Mind

Do not be too specific or adamant about your wedding plans. Don’t fixate on any particular date, venue, decorations, and so on. Make arrangements with an open mind after carefully considering the best date-venue-package combos available out there. Be on the lookout for bargain deals – certain resorts offer fantastic discounts in certain low-occupancy periods at their property.


4. Trim Down Your Guest List

Indian weddings tend to witness the largest influx of distant acquaintances whom neither the bride or groom can actually recognize or remember. It’s essential to avoid the pitfall of inviting guests with gay abandon when the per-person cost is so much higher for a destination wedding. Pour over your guest list multiple times before sending out invitations. Only invite people who are truly special to you.

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5. Be Mindful of Taxation

Bear in mind that taxation plays a major role in upping Indian destination wedding costs. Typically, hotels and caterers give you their rates with the “plus taxes” clause. Make sure you look into the taxation rules so you have a fair idea of the final figure. You’ll come to realize that larger urban centers have higher tax percentages.  Choose your wedding destination taking this reality into account.

6. Rely on Local Resources

When you’re finalizing the finer details such as menus, decorations, and so on, rely on local resources as far as possible. If you’re going to have flowers that are shipped from another country or fresh seafood from a distant shore, the expenditure will naturally shoot up. It would thus be better to utilize local resources that are easily available and relatively inexpensive.


7. Collaborate with Another Wedding

No, we are not suggesting that you have a double-wedding with another couple. However, it is possible to collaborate with another wedding party to cut costs in some aspects. If your wedding party is small, you could consider a group booking with another couple’s wedding group at the hotel. Similarly, you could book a common caterer and ask for discounts based on the dual-order.

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8. Distribute Expenses and Cuts

When treading the economical route, make sure you allocate money and budget all expenditures proportionally. Don’t make huge budget cuts in one area in order to spend copious amounts on another. Make small budget cuts in all areas to keep the total expenditure balanced and low.


Your 3 Biggest Indian Destination Wedding costs?

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9. Forgo Useless Extras

A lot of couples go overboard with pre and post wedding functions. Do away with such undue expenses and focus on the main event. You can easily forgo rehearsal dinners and post-wedding brunches. You can even combine a couple of pre-wedding ceremonies into one protracted function.


Let's help you plan your Indian destination wedding step by step and that too on a budget.

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