Introducing Sevdha World Dance Entertainment

A bride and groom want their wedding to not only be memorable for themselves, but also for their guests. This is no easy task when weddings are a dime a dozen. To stand out you have to have some truly unique details that guests will enjoy and remember for years to come. If you're looking for one of these unique details to incorporate into your wedding, then look no further than our FeaturedVendor, Sevdha World Dance Entertainment.

Sevdha World Dance Entertainment provides jaw-dropping dance performances in Bollywood, Belly Dancing, West-Indian Dance styles, snake charming, black light and fire performances and more, along with wedding graphics and murals and mehendi/henna tattoos.

To prove that they are truly unique in their entertainment approach, Sevdha World Dance Entertainment created the world’s first and only interactive Belly Dance blog "The Belly Dance Challenge." The premise behind this is that two professional belly dancers from select an unusual request from their Youtube comments to perform a belly dance to. The challenge is that they have one grueling hour to come up with a choreography on the spot. Hilarity ensues. From the conception to completed choreography, the entire process is filmed, and they publish an official dance video along with a funny bloopers reel of the challenge every 1-2 weeks.

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They’ve done fun requests such as the Super Mario Brothers theme song and Gangnam Style. Subscribers can send their requests in by commenting them on the latest videos. They also do occasional tutorials, free lessons, and other entertaining videos. It’s a new show and it’s already gaining a fan base and lots of requests!

To check out their custom videos make sure to visit their YouTube page and to learn more about Sevdha World Dance Entertainment visit their website!



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