Save-the-dates and Wedding Websites: The Ideal Destination Indian Wedding Guest Resource

Save-the-dates and Wedding Websites: The Ideal Destination Indian Wedding Guest Resource

Save-the-Dates and Wedding Websites go hand in hand when it comes to destination Indian weddings.

  • Your wedding website is where you want to disseminate not only the obvious details (the where & when) but also all the details regarding your travel bookings, room reservations, itinerary, travel coordinator contact information, and registry or resort credit registry).

  • Your save-the-date reminders are the means to get your guests to your wedding website. So it makes sense to design your save-the-dates to be fun and engaging.

IWS Wedding Website Mock

Destination weddings by nature have an inherent barrier to entry in the form of the travel costs. That’s a convenient and guilt free way to trim your guest list, but you don’t want it prevent your must-have guests from being there. Yes, there is always the option of you paying for their travel and/or accommodations to ensure their attendance. Alternatively, you can do a better job of marketing your wedding so they feel compelled to attend.

That’s where save-the-dates and wedding websites in combination are an ideal way to generate the right buzz. Wedding websites are free and save-the-dates just require some creativity.

Because the cost of video production has come down significantly, it is now possible to get a save-the-date animated video -- sure beats greeting cards or postcards. The video can contain all the elements of a traditional save-the-date (names, wedding date, destination/venue).

The video can then be posted to your Facebook and Instagram accounts for instance. Most importantly, it is embedded into your wedding website homepage, right where your guests will be able to retrieve their destination travel information as well as your social media wedding links, some more about your story, and pictures.


As time goes on, you’ll be adding more information about your wedding such as the exact itinerary including the various South Asian ceremonies such as the haldi, mehndi, chura, chunni, sangeet, baraat, vidaai/doli and saat phere/anand karaj/nikah. Your wedding website is also where you can detail any tours, excursions or other fun activities you have planned for your guests. It’s also a place you want to mention any tips and tidbits you learn along the way including recommendations for attire, packing, travel documents, and much more.

Your save-the-date videos should reflect your personalities. The storyboarding will use your how-we-met story as a backdrop. Animators will be able to draw your caricatures and use them as cartoons in your animations. They will also storyboard the various events in your couplehood leading up to your wedding, whether it is a destination Indian wedding or local Indian wedding.

The animators will also be able to incorporate any theme you’ve decided on including the use of your wedding colors like blue, red or white, to convey the feel of your upcoming wedding. These themes can also be represented in the formal invitations you’ll send to your guests more closer to the wedding. In the save-the-date video, you’ll want to mention, “formal invitations to follow”, and provide hyperlinked URLs to your wedding website. offers free Destination Indian Wedding websites and econmical yet creative Save-the-Date video services including animation. As part of the wedding website suite of tools, provides free Guest List Manager, Wedding Checklists, Budget Manager, and Vendor Manager.


Because destination Indian weddings require more effort on behalf of your guests, sending your save-the-dates with plenty of notice gives your guests the ability save the necessary money, and bank and book the necessary vacation days from work. For Indian weddings, that’s particularly important since so many Indian families are owner operator entrepreneurs who will need more time to plan for a trip.

It's recommended for destination Indian weddings that save-the-dates are sent ten to twelve months in advance of the wedding. Even for local South Asian weddings, you’ll likely have extended family travelling from overseas (India, Pakistan, UK) or just from the opposite coast, in which case, ten to twelve months in advance of the wedding is one again recommended.

To get started or for more information about save-the-dates, video animation services, wedding website tips, feel free to drop me a line using any of our online contact forms. Make sure to include your name, number and email address so I can respond appropriately.

Save-the-Dates and Wedding Websites go hand in hand when it comes to destination Indian weddings.


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