10 tips to help you choose the right venue for your Indian Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are all the rage today. After all, who wouldn’t like to gather their close friends and family for their most special day at an exotic locale? While some couples may opt for a place that is significant to them, some others might choose a new destination that the wedding party can explore together. Whatever the case may be, you need to select the venue as soon as you know what your wedding date is. Whether you want to travel thousands of miles or host your wedding at a destination nearby, here are a few tips that will help you choose the right venue for your dream destination wedding.

1. Choose a venue that aligns with your vision

If you’ve always wanted to get married at the beach, shortlist a few locations according to your requirements. Once that’s done, shoot a query email to IndianWeddingSite for the resorts you have selected. Enquire about the packages they have on offer, availability in your desired time frame as well as the cost. Choosing a venue that fits in with the theme you have in mind will help you feel more connected to the place. moon-palace-jamaica

2. Take a look at their Indian Food Menu

The most important part of any wedding is the food! No matter how exotic your choice of location is, if the food they serve is subpar, your wedding guests will be less than pleased. While you’re at it, check if the resort serves good vegetarian food for your vegetarian guests. You don’t want your wedding party skipping the food at your event and heading straight to the resort restaurants.Food Station

3. Culture matters

If you’re planning your destination wedding in a country very different from yours, you will want to take into account the culture of that place. You can even consider adding a touch of the local culture to your wedding festivities. How well you incorporate the local culture in your wedding without having it overshadow your own rituals will go to show how well you can balance things out.cancun_moon_palace_04

4. Travel concerns

Since your guests will be shelling out money to reach the location, you have to take into consideration the travel costs. Pick a location that is easy to reach for majority of the guests. Don’t make your guests switch several modes of transport just to get there. Also, long flights aren’t something your guests will be happy with especially if they are travelling for a mere 2-3 days for your wedding. Choose a location that is close so that it is easy as well as economical to get to.

5. Experienced Venues

By experienced venues we mean resorts that are used to hosting weddings, especially Indian weddings. Always choose a venue that has had numerous destination weddings in the past as they’ll be able to help you out even with last-minute requirements like things missing for the pooja or phere. If the venue you’ve selected is not acquainted with Indian rituals, the staff will be at a loss of what to do and will be unable to guide you.SIgnature Indian Wedding Setup-low

6. Vendor requirements

You might have a photographer whose work you absolutely love and whom you’d want for your wedding. However, there are a few resorts that have their own vendors and these resorts don’t allow wedding couples to get their own vendors. Most of the time, these local vendors are good at what they do and they are more experienced with the lay of the land. However, if you are set on having a certain vendor at your wedding, it’s best to clarify with the venue coordinators about the surcharges before you go ahead.


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7. Resort Group Contract Benefits

The truth of the matter is that there will be a few guests at your wedding who will have less interest in your daily ceremonies and more interest in free food and resort activities. This is where a group contract with a resort comes into the picture. Mass bookings entitle guests to many great deals such as complimentary nights of stay and spa treatments which everyone can enjoy.hard-rock-cancun-spa

8. Budget considerations

The most economical Indian destination weddings are the ones that take place at all-inclusive resorts. Several amazing all-inclusive properties like Palace Resorts and Hard Rock Hotels cater to high-end luxury at affordable rates. Also, ask your wedding planner to confirm with your choice of resort whether or not add-ons such as table linen will be provided or you’ll have to get it outsourced at an additional cost.Hard Rock Puerto Aventuras 003

9. Weather fluctuations

Once you’ve shortlisted the location, make sure that the time of year is ideal for hosting a wedding at that location. You don’t want it to be sweltering hot while you’re in your lehenga at the beach to exchange your vows. Neither do you want a sudden downpour to ruin your plans for an outdoor wedding. Make sure you finalize the venue only after you have conducted thorough research about the weather in your choice of location.

10. Resort activities

Make sure you book a venue that will give your guests memories of a lifetime. Inquire beforehand what activities are available at the resort. If you have specific ideas for events and activities that you’d like available for your yourselves and your guests, make sure you convey your expectations to the planner at the resort. For instance, if you want to have a pre-wedding barbecue right by the seaside, you’ll have to look for locations that are close to the beach and have favorable weather. Similarly, if you want to treat your guests to water sports, make sure the resort you select is close to an area where water sports are conducted. Several resorts also offer packages for activities on prior request.pool-activities
The best thing about all-inclusive venues is that they offer highly customizable packages and locations for every style and budget. Once you’ve shortlisted the venue, it’s time for site visits!


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Not sure what venue to choose for Indian Destination Wedding? These 10 tips will definitely help you make the decision.


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