Balancing Acts - Indian Wedding Planning

sajeet harsimran

Wouldn't it be wonderful if planning your own wedding was your full time duty? For some of us, this may be the deal, but for many of us, we have a lot of balancing to do when planning our big day! I felt like planning a wedding was more work than my 9am-6pm job in NYC. Here are some personal tips of how to handle your career and crazy boss, family obligations and the desire for the most perfect wedding of your dreams.

1- Strategize. One of my least favorite words, but oh so necessary when planning a wedding! Create a calendar that will highlight important dates for your job and your wedding planning process. Set goals accordingly. Have honest meetings with those involved (managers, subordinates, family members) of what is required of you in the next few months leading up to the wedding.

2- Prioritize. Another one of my least favorite words, but again, it'll help you remain focused. Figure out what needs to be done in the next day, week, month and set goals for yourself and those involved. If coworkers are going out for an after-work drink, consider what is important for you. Be mindful of deadlines and getting back to people in timely manners.

3- Be Professional. We all know realize how emotional the whole wedding planning process may get. Remember if you are working, continue to uphold the level of respect that you have created for yourself. Do not get caught up working on wedding things at work- stay focused on your job and your work tasks. This is a relationship you are building for the rest of your life, so ensure that you are not using your emotions to react to stressful situations.

4- Don't be Afraid to Ask for Help. There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for support. Your friends and colleagues are a part of YOUR team. Ask when you need help.

5- What Happens After the Wedding? This is all temporary and the day after your wedding is over, you will no longer have a wedding to plan for. Make sure to maintain relationships and create a balance in your work and life. Essentially, if you are able to balance this time in your life, you can tackle the world!



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